Cale Simons - Race Schedule and Results

2/9/2013 NLMS Waycross, GA  9th 6th
2/9/2013 Lucas Dirt  Waycross, GA  3rd 9th
3/2/2013 Local  Albany, GA   SNOWED OUT
3/16/2013 SAS  Phenix City, AL 17th 17th
4/13/2013 Local  Albany, GA   RAINED OUT
4/27/2013 NLMS  Waycross, GA 7th 3rd
5/11/2013 NLMS Albany, GA 1st 1st
5/18/2013 Local  Needmore, GA 8th 4th
5/25/2013 NLMS  Albany, GA 7th 8th
5/26/2013 NLMS  Needmore, GA scratch  
6/14/2013 Local  Albany, GA scratch  
6/15/2013 Local  Needmore, GA scratch  
6/22/2013 SAS  Talladega, AL scratch  
7/6/2013 NLMS           Albany, GA rained out  
7/7/2013 NLMS          Needmore, GA rained out  
7/18/2013 Ray Cook   Phenix City, AL scratch  
7/20/2013 NLMS  Waycross, GA rained out  
7/27/2012 Local Cochran, GA 12th 4th
8/9/2013 SAS  Albany, GA    
8/10/2013 SAS  Needmore, GA    
8/31/2013 Local  Albany, GA    
9/14/2013 Local  Phenix City, AL    
9/28/2013 State Race  Phenix City, AL    
10/5/2013 Lucas Dirt  Dixie, GA    
10/19/2013 SAS  Talladega, AL    
10/26/2013 NLMS  Waycross, GA    
11/2/2013 Nationals  Phenix City, AL    
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