Israel's Control over Gaza: A Comprehensive Analysis (2023)

In recent news, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in a TV interview that Israel plans to maintain control over Gaza "for an indefinite period" after its war with Hamas. This statement offers a clear indication that Israel intends to have overall security responsibility in Gaza, which is home to approximately 2.3 million Palestinians [[SOURCE 1]].

The Current Situation in Gaza

As the conflict continues, Israel's military has encircled the northern part of Gaza City and is now fighting in the depths of the city. Civilians in the north are fleeing the combat zone, with hundreds of Palestinians leaving Gaza City to the south. Many of them are walking on foot, some using donkey carts, and others pushing aged relatives in wheelchairs. These individuals are visibly exhausted and often have nothing but the clothes on their backs [[SOURCE 1]].

Casualties and Humanitarian Crisis

The war has taken a devastating toll on both Palestinians and Israelis. According to the Hamas-run Health Ministry in Gaza, the number of Palestinians killed in the war has surpassed 10,300, including more than 4,200 children. In the occupied West Bank, more than 160 Palestinians have been killed in the violence and Israeli raids. On the Israeli side, more than 1,400 people have been killed, with the majority of casualties resulting from the Oct. 7 Hamas attack that initiated the conflict [[SOURCE 1]].

The dire humanitarian situation in Gaza cannot be overlooked. The United Nations reports that 50,000 pregnant women in Gaza are unable to access routine maternal health care. Additionally, 180 women give birth in Gaza every day, and since the start of the conflict, 5,500 babies have been born. The lack of adequate medical supplies, clean water, and food for pregnant and lactating women is a pressing concern [[SOURCE 1]].

International Response and Efforts

The international community has expressed deep concern over the situation in Gaza. Doctors Without Borders reported the death of Mohammed Al Ahel, a laboratory technician for the organization in Gaza, during a bombing in the Shati refugee camp. The organization has called for an immediate ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and to allow humanitarian aid to reach Gaza [[SOURCE 1]].

In addition to humanitarian efforts, diplomatic initiatives are underway. Filipino diplomats have negotiated for the safe passage of dozens of Filipinos fleeing the war-ravaged Gaza Strip into Egypt. These individuals are traveling to Cairo, where they plan to take flights back to the Philippines. The Department of Foreign Affairs in Manila has stated that most of the at least 134 Filipinos in Gaza, many of whom are married to Palestinians, have sought help to leave the besieged territory [[SOURCE 1]].

Israel's Long-Term Plans for Gaza

Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement about Israel's overall security responsibility in Gaza for an indefinite period raises questions about the future of the region. It is crucial to understand the implications of this statement and the potential consequences for the Palestinian population in Gaza. The international community will closely monitor developments and engage in discussions about the post-conflict governance of Gaza [[SOURCE 1]].


The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza has resulted in significant casualties and a dire humanitarian crisis. Israel's plans to maintain control over Gaza for an indefinite period have raised concerns about the future of the region. The international community continues to call for an immediate ceasefire and the provision of humanitarian aid to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian population in Gaza [[SOURCE 1]].

For more information and updates on the Israel-Hamas war, please visit .

Note: This article is intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current situation in Gaza and does not reflect personal opinions or biases.

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